Toronto History Museums

Entire Design Program


Cossette, Toronto, ON

Head of Design and Group Creative Director: Luis Coderque Creative Director, Design: Mark Neil Balson VP, Strategy: Fernando Aloise Director, Branding & Design Strategy: Chelito Rubio Production Designers: Paula Dopuda, Olga Netaeva Global Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi Executive Creative Directors: Craig McIntosh, Jaimes Zentil Client: City of Toronto Manager, Marketing, EDC: Marilyn Nickel Director, Museums & Heritage Services: Cheryl Blackman

Winning Website:

Our identity began with looking at the role of time in history. Using key dates associated with each museum as a starting point, we created a timeline that represented the history of the museums. This timeline became the heart of the identity, providing the foundation for both the logo and the modular system. The timeline becomes a frame that shifts, adapts, and repositions depending on the content. It draws the eye to what's most important, pulls focus to details, frames stories and portraits.