Environmental-Experiential/Event Design - Single


Iregular, Montreal, QC
e: info@iregular.io
w: iregular.io

Design Studio: Iregular Creative Director: Daniel Iregui Art Director: Célia Genevois, Daniel Iregui Graphic Designer: Célia Genevois Graphics: Guillaume Turgeon Lighting: Arnoud Van Halen Production Manager: Hind Azennar Curation: Milo Van Buijtene

Winning Website: iregular.io/work/tower

TOWER is a 14.5m high LED structure that enlivened the main stage of the Draaimolen Festival 2022 in Tilburg, NL. The tower was lined with 30 choreographed lights on each side, visible to anyone present on the site, to add visual depth and increase the immersion of the experience. The randomly-generated visuals combined with the intensity of the light movement ingeniously made them appear to be in sync with the music playing on stage with zero latency for the entire length of the festival.