TUC – Refill Stations

Packaging-Consumer Products - Series


BangBang, Montreal, QC
t: 514.638.BANG
e: info@bangbang.ca
w: bangbang.ca

Art Director: Simon Laliberte Project Coordinator: Simon Laliberte Photographer: Jany Tremblay Client: The Unscented Company Design Studio: BangBang

The objective was to make the main surface of their many refill boxes more appealing, and to add a pleasant touch to their daily expedition boxes. Due to a format change of the 4L and the 10L boxes, now glue-free, we were able to use contour lines on the main surfaces to represent the products. This decision allows using the filling pumps directly from a representation of the product on the front of the box, and it eases the identification and use of the refill stations, at home and in stores.