Public Service/Charity Design - Series


Joel McCurdy (TAXI)
w: agency.taxi

Winner: TAXI Executive Creative Director: Alexis Bronstorph, Kelsey Horne Art Director: Dan Cantelon Writer: Marc Levesque Designer: Rasna Jaswal Senior Integrated Producer: Cherie O'Connor Illustrator: Malika Favre Group Account Director: Adam Ball Account Director: Leigh Anderson Broadcast & Content Producer: Joan Digba VP, Head of Strategy: Christine Maw Producer: Dennis Soler Client: Adrienne Clarke, Louise Bellingham, Goodwin Gibson

Canadians don’t realize that social issues like domestic violence, poverty, and homelessness exist in their communities. Because of that, these issues are being ignored. United Way wanted to change that. So we created the brightest colour in the world in partnership with Pantone® and called it Unignorable. A high-visibility neon that boldly calls for attention, yet draws you in with its optimism. With our colour, we then visualized each issue with minimalist design.