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Beverages-Alcohol Entire Package - Series


Cossette, Montreal, QC
e: concours.mtl@cossette.com

Agency: Cossette Chief Creative Officer: Anne-Claude Chénier, Louis-Philippe Tremblay Vice President, Design: Richard Bélanger Creative Director: Richard Bélanger Associate Creative Director: Anne-Marie Clermont Art Director: Anne-Marie Clermont, Vedran Vaskovic, Camille Lévesque, Guillaume Bechon, Isabelle Côté, Guillaume St-Hilaire Copywriter: Olivier Fortin, Guillaume Doyon Strategy: Michèle Riendeau, Olivia St-Jacques, Catherine Rondeau Account Services: Myriam Veilleux, Miriam Bousquet, Catherine Bédard Producer: Marie-Andrée Lizotte, Édouard Renaud Print Production: Colette Dumay, Natalie Gadoua, Marie-Eve Thibodeau, Steve Desmarais Martin Dumas, Daniel Cartier Photographer: François Ollivier Public Relations: Citizen, François Vaqué, Fanny Laurin, Raphaël Boies Media Agency: Espace M Client: Boréale, Sébastien Paradis, Erika Godbout, Sabrina-Kelly Hunt, Samuel Allyson

Boréale is one of Québec’s largest microbreweries. After 30 years of making quality craft beers, the company looked to launch a hard seltzer. But how do you stand out in a crowded market known for sunny, colourful sameness? By leveraging the brand’s unique “northern sophistication with a wild side” DNA to flip the hot weather category codes. And by designing for an older, outdoorsy target aligned with its malt beverage consumer—making it cool for them to enjoy seltzers while howling at the moon.