Warped Perception Poster

Environmental/Signage - Single


w: rethinkcanada.com

Winner: Rethink Creative Director: Leia Rogers, Morgan Tierney Art Director: Dosh Osholowu Writer: Daniel DeBacker, Evan Kane Executive Creative Director: Chris Staples, Ian Grais Designer: Dosh Osholowu Print Producer: Scott Russell Amplification Strategist: Aliz Tennant, Samantha Cheng Account Manager: Devin Bonin Printing Company: Alter Action 3D Client: Free To Be Talks

The bathroom mirror is ground zero for many of the negative body perceptions that teens face. What better place to make them aware of body image disorders and how they may affect their perception? We placed lenticular posters next to bathroom mirrors. The side of the lenticular image facing towards the viewer displayed a clear message about negative body image, but the other side of the lenticular that caught the reflection of the mirror showed a distorted version of the same message.