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Winner: Cossette VP Creative Advertising: Anne-Claude Chenier VP Design & Branding: Barbara Jacques VP, Digital Business Lead: Stephane Alozy Art Director: Anne-Marie Clermont, Vanille Windenberger Copywriter: Richard Rochette-Villeneuve Senior Director, Corporate Communications : Stacey Masson Copywriter: Vicky Morin, Alexandra Oliviero, Marc-Andre Lafrance Account Manager: Charles-Andre Marleau, Katherine Leftakis, Roxanne Chaudier Video Producer: Dominique Dufour Production Assistant: Melissa Audette Video Producer: Yoan Boisjoli Director: Soleil Denault Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno

Winning Website:

We are an integrated, full-service agency that offers an array of branding experiences. Let’s just say that if you need it, we get it done. We launched an all-new website that embodies everything we are: our expertise, success stories, current news, offers…all on a fully-responsive platform. Our site is designed in a way that anticipates user needs to make navigation truly intuitive. Everyone from potential clients and employees to industry figures can find what they’re looking for.