Writing goes a long way.

Pro Bono Design - Series



Winner: Sebastien Thibault ft. Cossette Client: Amnesty International Creative Director: Anne-Claude Chenier, Barbara Jacques, Genevieve Duquette Art Director: Alexandre Jutras Copywriter: François-Julien Rainville Art Director: Dorian Coureau Copywriter: Thibaut Delelis, David Purkis Illustrator: Sebastien Thibault Director, Lead Strategy: Hugo Fournier Account Director: Olivier Charbonneau Account Manager: Florence Girard-Leblanc VP, Media Strategy: Sophie Labarre, Sophie Labarre Account Director, Media Buying: Marie-Pierre Desrochers Graphic Designer: Mario Levesque, Mathilde Marletaz Chief Creative Officer: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno

Amnesty International’s letter-writing marathons free people. But writing also opens the door to change. It allows us to put pressure on governments in power and come to the aid of people faced with deportation, the death penalty, and other human rights violations. That’s why this year we wanted to shed light on the power of this small, simple gesture that has such a big impact. The concept was applied to several visuals that were published in response to news events and specific political issue.