Greenfield Brand New Recipe

Craft Motion/Animation - Single


john st.
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john st. Executive Creative Direction: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic Creative Direction: Niall Kelly Designer: Andrew Passas Design Director: Mooren Bofill Art Direction: David Glen Copywriting: Noah Feferman Agency Producer: Brittani Wilcox Production House: Smith Audio Production: RMW Music Account Supervisor: Matthew Bendavid

Greenfield Natural Meat Co. is a sustainable meat company that offers many of the great qualities organic does but without the high price point. The logo draws inspiration from the tilling patterns created by tractors in the fields that surround the Greenfield farm in Manitoba. The minimal colour palette, hand-styled typeface and seed paper reinforce the brand as simple, friendly and sustainable.This hand-crafted design reflects the natural, authentically-progressive and caring nature of the brand.