Helping Others

Animation-Short - Single


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Client: bec Ad Agency: Tam-Tam\TBWA Creative Director: Manuel Ferrarini Art Director: Philippe Natewajko, Gabrielle Turcotte Copywriter: Simon Grégoire, Christian O'Brien, Robert Martin Evans Illustrator: Mathilde Corbeil Animator: Mathilde Corbeil, Romane Minner Barrette Account Director: Julie Cusson, Éliane Brochu Strategist: Ingrid Enriquez-Donissaint Electronic Producer: Edith Cayer, Josée Fréchette Print Production Manager: Michelle Turbide Mac Artist: Julie Duhamel, Simon Durivage President: Samia Chebeir Director: Valérie Charest Manager: Garance Fielding Philippe Client Strategy: Rachelle Houde Simard, Marie-Ève Lemay, Fanny Quenneville, Anne-Marie Leclair Audio: Lamajeure Media: Le Grenier

This testimonial, illustrated by Mathilde Corbeil and animated by Romane Minner Barrette, promotes bec services, a human resources professional. The illustration recounts the difficulties faced in helping colleagues who are experiencing psychological distress. Compassion fatigue is beginning to set in, but there's also hope, supported by the reassuring presence of an external ally