King of Buckets

Conceptual Illustration - Single


Courage, Toronto, ON
w: courageinc.com

Ad Agency: Courage Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Dhaval Bhatt, Joel Holtby Partner, President: Niki Sahni Partner, Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Kenny Writer: Zac Smith Art Director: Zeina Elshurafa Executive Producer: Clair Galea Client: KFC Chief Marketing Officer: Katherine Bond-Debicki Marketing Manager: Azim Akhtar CGI Artist: Brad Pickard Media Partner: Wavemaker

Within 24 hours of LeBron James becoming the NBA's scoring leader, KFC went live with a social post and a billboard in downtown Toronto crowning the new greatest of all time. The ads featured KFC's iconic red and white bucket adjusted to look like a crown, with the headline "FROM ONE KING OF BUCKETS TO ANOTHER, CONGRATS". The post and billboard exploded online generating more buzz than LeBron's official sponsors, further establishing KFC as the official bucket brand both on and off the court.