Rally Social Room

Environmental/Spaces Illustration - Series


ZGM Modern Marketing Partners, Edmonton, AB
e: hello@zgm.ca
w: zgm.ca

Client: Mike Yasinski Creative Director: Kurt Beaudoin Art Director: Nicola Pringle, Brooke Langmaid Illustrator: Nicola Pringle, Brooke Langmaid Copywriter: Ryan Kenny Production Director: Dave Falconer Animation: Scott Steele Account Director: Salina Halabi Account Manager: Sophie McMillan Account Coordinator: Sofiya Timoshchenko Partner: Ric Williams Photographer: Cooper & O'Hara Custom Woodwork: Sunder Woodworks

Rally Social Room is a new bar concept targeted at 18-24 year olds—combining party with ping-pong. Through the interior space, the environment immerses bargoers with custom murals, neons, print materials, and videos.