What No One Tells You When You're Expecting

Pro Bono/PSA/Charity Illustration - Series


Courage, Toronto, ON
w: courageinc.com

Ad Agency: Courage Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Dhaval Bhatt, Joel Holtby Partner, President: Niki Sahni Partner, Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Kenny Creative Director: Cindy Marie Navarro Art Director: Cindy Marie Navarro Creative Director: Domenique Raso Writer: Domenique Raso Designer: Marina Khouzam Executive Director of Development: Shannon Miller Group Strategy Director: Rami Dudin Account Director: Kat Ledgett Account Executive: Darita Odobo Executive Producer: Clair Galea Agency Print Producer: Shannon Langlotz Agency Producer: Rachel D'Ercole Editor: Marcus Barrie Client: North York General Foundation President, CEO: Seanna Millar, Terry Pursell (Former) Chief Marketing & Communications Officer: Ya Shan Waley Artist's Rep: Hesty Reps Illustrator: Emilie Muszczak Executive Producer: Lisa Batke Printer: Flash Reproduction Production: Westside Studio, Creator One Productions Transfer: Alter Ego Audio: Vapor Music Media Partner: Other PR: Middle Child

Despite the countless pregnancy books out there, most expecting parents feel utterly alone and unprepared for their experience. So NYGH asked real parents to help us write a new book. Compiled from thousands of crowdsourced submissions, What no one tells you when you're expecting is a beautifully designed, 150-page glimpse at what to really expect throughout pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Complete with custom illustrations that brought each anecdote to life in a fun and playful way.