1M Launch

Integrated Campaign


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Ad Agency: Cundari Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi Associate Creative Direction: Raul Garcia Copywriting: Brian Murray Art Direction: Raul Garcia Copywriting: Alex Manahan Agency Producer: Daryn Sutherland, Cherie O'Connor Account Director: Daryn Sutherland Account Manager: Ranjan Gill Post Production Company: Bandito Brothers Director: Mike "Mouse" McCoy Executive Producer: Jeff Rohrer Line Producer: Ryan Slavin Cinematographer: Victor Huber Music/Sound: Jamey Scott Post Production Company: Cantina Editor: Jacob Rosenberg Post Production: Sean Cushing, Lance Holte, Stephen Lawes

Winning Website: campaignpage.ca/1mintegrated

BMW had been promoting the "Joy" of driving for a few years. But the launch of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé provided the perfect opportunity to communicate the raw essence of the brand: high performance.