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Ad Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo Media Agency: Media Experts Creative Direction: Zak Mroueh, Joseph Bonnici, Sean Ganann Art Direction: Mooren Bofill, Mark Bovey, Mark Francolini Copywriting: George Ault Design: Mooren Bofill Media Team: Mark Sherman, Richard Ivey, Giosi Nizzola, Mike Rumble Digital Strategy: Cory Pelletier Account Team: Mike Sutton, Laura Robinson Mobile App Development House: Thinkingbox Mobile Creative Director: Amir Sahba Director of Application Development: Michael Vay Lee Mobile Art Director: Troy Graham

Winning Website: thinkinginsidethebox.ca/awards/FL/PFGAPP

People for Good is a movement we created to encourage people to be nicer to each other. We created an app designed to give Canadians good deed inspiration for any location. Simply enter your location, shake the app, and an idea for a good deed will appear.