Only in a Woman's World

Consumer Packaged Goods - Single


Juniper Park
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Executive Creative Direction: Alan Madill, Terry Drummond, Barry Quinn Associate Creative Direction: Bernice Allinson Art Direction: Dani Maisels Copywriting: Erin Kawalecki Art Direction: Derek Blais Copywriting: Laurent Abesdris Ad Agency: Juniper Park Interactive Producer: Hanna Bratt Interactive Development/Animation: Jam3 Art Direction: Catherine Wong

Winning Website: awomansworld.com

How do you sell snacks to women who instinctively avoid the snack aisle? You stop selling and start a conversation. “Only in a Woman’s World” is a web-based comedy series written in the language of the sisterhood. Eighteen webisodes were produced, each inspiring online conversations that explored real, female idiosyncrasies.