The Wild Within VR Experience

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Company: DARE Vancouver Executive Creative Direction: Richard Hadden Account Director: Natalie Wu Agency Producer: Claire Khan Art Direction: Todd Takahashi Copywriting: David Giovando Planner: Steve Graves Interactive Producer: Joe Lafleur Production Company: Unit 9 Producer / Managing Partner: Michelle Craig Director: Gevorg Karensky Producer: Adam Dolman VR Camera Specialist: David Crone Production Service Company: Circle Productions Executive Producer: Tom Murray Production Manager: Trevor Baines

Destination BC needed a way to convince travel writers of how amazing British Columbia really is -- inspiring them to write about the province. But it’s impossible to send every travel writer on a trip to experience it first hand. So, we created the Wild Within virtual experience -- an interactive journey through BC’s Great Bear Rainforest. Launched at travel events across North America, the virtual experience let travel writers explore BC without even going.