Oil Spill Virtual Reality



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Company: Rethink Creative Direction: Dre Labre, Aaron Starkman, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Art Director: Hannes Ottahal, Leia Rogers, Shafeez Walji, Dre Labre Writer: Leah Gregg, Dre Labre Broadcast Producer (In House): DW Digital Producer: Ted Morgan, Cynthia Cyr, Anna Pellicci Production Company: Shootbox Media, Rethink Director: Dre Labre, Leah Gregg Director of Photography: Leah Gregg, Megan Bodaly, Phil Lanyon, Marc Boily Line Producer: George Johnson Post Production House: Rethink Editor: Megan Bodaly Audio House: Rethink Creative Technologist: Ken Malley, Alex Fleming, Dre Labre Technical Development: Adrian Crook & Associates, Factory 1 Studios Props: Laird FX Account Services: Becky Rudson, Cynthia Cyr

Winning Website: dogwoodinitiative.org

We put an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset inside an old­-fashioned set of sightseeing binoculars by the beach to show the aftermath of an oil spill. Unsuspecting viewers were immersed in an animated 3D scenario, replacing the usual picturesque scenery with a disastrous view.