Canadian Mafia / Canadian Sin / Canadian 007

Cinema (any length) - Series



Ad Agency: JWT Chief Creative Officer: Brent Choi Associate Creative Direction: Colin Winn Copywriting: Colin Winn Associate Creative Direction: Jim Wortley Art Direction: Jim Wortley, Craig Markou Agency Producer: Shelby Spigelman Production House: Industry Films (Sin, Mafia), Spy Films (007) Director: Jonathan Bensimon (Sin, Mafia), Javier Aguilera (007) Director of Photography: Jonathan Bensimon (Sin, Mafia), Samy Inayeh (007) Production House Producer: David Cranor (Sin, Mafia), Stephanie Walker-Wells (007) Editing Company: Married To Giants (Sin, Mafia), Rooster Post (007) Editor: Graham Chisholm (Sin, Mafia), Dave DeCarlo (007) Post Production Company: Alter Ego (Sin, Mafia), Track & Field (007) Executive Producer: Greg Edgar (Sin, Mafia) Producer: Melissa Kahn (007) Visual Effects: Darren Achim (Sin, Mafia), Andrew Rolfe (007) Colourist: Trisha Hagoriles Casting: Mann Casting (Sin, Mafia), Jigsaw Casting (007) Music/Sound: Grayson Matthews Music Producer: Tom Westin, Dave Sorbara

A uniquely Canadian take on three favourite movie genres, these films opened the 2013 Canadian Film Festival to promote its unique Canadian content.