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Baillat Cardell & fils, Iregular
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Art Direction: Jean Sebastien Baillat, Guillaume Cardell Interaction Designer: Daniel Iregui Design: Mathieu Bélanger, Vincent Raineri, Logan Dufresne Music/Sound: Jean Sebastien Roux Project Coordination: Jezebell Lebalanc-Thouin, Jessica Lozano Programming: Anthony Gasca, Marouane Sahbi Interactive System: Iregular Programming: François Loubert-Hudon Ad Agency: Baillat Cardell & fils

Winning Website: vimeo.com/48559003

THINGS CHOSES is an interactive installation that explores the objects that surround us and their meaning by creating an experience of collaborative music creation. By throwing invisible objects to the projections users can create unlimited numbers of melodies, beats and words.