Integrated Campaign



Company: GREY Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Writer: James Ansley Art Direction: Todd Lawson, Raul Garcia Producer: Jay Gammy, Tom Evelyn Production Specialist: Biko Franklin Technical Director: John Breton, Matt Kantor Creative Technologist: Mark Brombacher, Daryl Brewer, Brendyn Zachary Account Service: Patty Moher, Darlene Remlinger Development: Brian Steinhauser, Thomas Blackmore, Jeff Laughlin, Angie Boddy Director: Patrick Scissons Editor: Danica Pardo Audio Producer: Adam Damelin Colourist: Tricia Hagoriles Flame Artist: Eric Perrella

Snoring victims can use Breathe Right nasal strips new mobile app, SleepWise, to prove their bedmate snores. The victim downloads the app and puts it out after the snorer falls asleep. Snore samples are recorded and then used to create custom radio & digital ads that call out the snore denier on his or her favorite radio station or website. Other creative elements of the campaign included pre-roll video, OOH, and in-store display.