Groceries Not Guns

Integrated Campaign



Company: GREY Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Scissons Art Direction: Logan Gabel, Rob Trickey, Raul Garcia, Jay Melnychuk Copywriting: Patrick Scissons, Graeme Campbell, Dave Barber, Sue Kohm Producer: Vikki Kuzmich, Terri Vegso, Erica Metcalfe, Jay Gammy Development: Matt Kantor, Phil Moreira, Biko Franklin Account Service: Laura Rovinescu, Darlene Remlinger Production Company: The Field, SPY Films Photographer (Which One): Eden Robbins Producer (Which One) : Cherie Sinclair Retoucher (Which One): Hardave Grewal Director (Not Allowed): Tamir Mascovici DOP (Not Allowed): Sammy Inyaeh Producer (Not Allowed): Merrie Wasson, Marni Luftspring, Carlo Trulli Post Production: Rooster, Alter Ego, Fort York Editorial (Not Allowed): Paul Proulx Colourist (Not Allowed): Wade Odlum Flame Artist (Not Allowed): Mike Bishop Audio House (Not Allowed): Apollo Music Audio House (Calling all Krogers): The Eggplant Editorial (Parody): Married 2 Giants Production (Big Question): 1One Post Production (Big Question): Wingman

Kroger grocery stores support a US law that allows people to bring loaded guns in stores. So we turned their own rules against them to make a point.