Make the poster appear




Company: lg2 Client: Quebec City Magic Festival, Pierre Hamon Creative Direction: Luc Du Sault Copywriting: Andrée-Anne Hallé Art Direction: Vincent Bernard, Anthony Verge Account Manager: ÈVe Boucher Mac Artist: Charleine Durand, Marc Rivest Design: Mira Gauthier Agency Producer: Julie Pichette Video Production: Vincent Bernard, Anthony Verge, Nicolas Brassard

To promote the Quebec City Magic Festival, we created posters that featured only a top hat. Other images were also printed on the posters using invisible ink. In order to make these visuals appear, passersby had to take a picture of the poster using their cell phone, flash on. They would discover a dove or a rabbit coming out of the hat with a message. If they were lucky, a free ticket for the festival!