Back to You

Photography - Series


Andrea Mihai
t: 416 561 8618

Student: Andrea Mihai School: Ryerson University, School of Image Arts Instructor: Blake Fitzpatrick, Robert Burley, Sara Angelucci

A boy staring off into the distance, the tip of a plane's wing in mid-air, the view of one of the most populated cities in the world. Both ordinary and exotic, real and imagined what connects the images in Back to you is that they were all taken during my travels in India and Canada. As such they reflect a state of transition, of physically moving from one set of local conditions to another, and the assimilation of these experiences. Together they function as parts of the same story: the journey back to memories weathered by time and illusion. Examined individually these images represent various degrees of reality. Through the use of digital manipulation in some of the photographs, I was able to overlay one image on top of another to express a sense of simultaneous existences, juxtaposing the actual space of the physical world with the world of the imagination. In this way straight photographs are intermixed with those that have been digitally altered. While some images are purely fictional, others are straight documents of events past; a lazy afternoon, the glimpse through a window, the observation of a reflection onto a pool of water. Back to you invites the viewer to share in a metaphoric journey of discovery, the images unfolding a narrative, which is at once personal, but also one which can be shared.