Kraft Dinner Becomes Shaq Dinner



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Company: Anomaly Executive Creative Director: Pete Breton, Dave Douglass Art Direction: Mark Bovey Copywriting: Neil Blewett Executive Business Director: Candace Borland Account Supervisor: Matt Holton Brand Director, Kraft Canada: Kristen Eyre Vice President, Edelman: Brian Rosevear

In 2014, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal mentioned that he loved Kraft Dinner. And when Shaq spoke, Kraft Dinner listened. We created a limited-edition box of Shaq Dinner, completely Shaq-ified from the name and the cooking instructions, right down to custom noodles.Shaq liked it so much it he shared photos of Shaq Dinner to his over 13 millions fans on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And all it cost us was a single box of KD.