Film. It's what Jews do best: Lubing/Flares/Plumber

30 seconds or less - Series


DDB Canada/Toronto

Ad Agency: DDB Canada/Toronto Executive Creative Director: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto Creative Direction: David Ross, David Horovitch Copywriting: David Ross, David Horovitch Art Direction: Jake Bundock Agency Producer: Caroline Clarke SVP, Managing Director: Melanie Johnston Sr. Account Executive: Leigh Farlow Audio House/Casting: Keen Music

These self-deprecating radio spots playfully poke fun at a known stereotype about us Jews - that we’re not great plumbers or mechanics. And while we may not be great handymen, at least we make great film. The humourous tone of the campaign made the Festival more approachable to non-Jewish people, and reminded them that they would be treated to some great cinema.