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Project Manager: Stéphane Richard Art Direction: Patrick Déziel Strategy: Steve Langlois, Mathieu Kittel-Hudon Design: Patrick Déziel, François Papillon Programming: Frédérick Charest, Danny Langlois, Martin Trépanier, Yanick Legault Web integration: Benoit Renaud, David Tremblay, Jean-Baptiste Landry Social Media: Simon De Montigny Project Coordination: Valérie Ouellette Executive Producer: Manon Barbeau Field coordinator: Karine Gravel Production assistant: Jean-Michel Lavoie Social Media : Dominique Charron Interactive Agency: Absolunet

Winning Website: musiquenomade.com

Genuine mobile studio, Musique Nomade offers a professional recording and video-clip filming service to First Nation musicians of Quebec. By traveling to different communities, Musique Nomade hopes to give artists the last push they need to have a blooming musical career. The site offers First Nation artists worldwide visibility and the means to showcase their talent and passion. Users can navigate by artist, style, community, nation as well as create their own playlist.