Remember to Breathe

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Creative Direction: Phil Copithorne Director: Sean Thonson Art Direction: Phil Copithorne Copywriting: Phil Copithorne Account Planner: Leigh Blakely Account Director: Amy Russell Agency Producer: Richard Cairns, Leigh Blakely Project Manager: Kristin Trenholm Production Company: Circle Productions Editor: Paul Bertino Music/Sound: Six Degrees Post Production: Cycle Media Motion Design: Studio Dialog Agency: Karo Group

Winning Website: youtube.com/watch?v=ThFCg0tBDck

Remember to breathe. From across the province, this film showcases Alberta’s diversity of experiences. Urban experiences and rural experiences. Mountain experiences, prairie experiences, river experiences and northern experiences. What makes these experiences so compelling is that they take place in breathtaking landscapes. In Alberta, these experiences are authentic and uncontrived. Everything Alberta offers in these breathtaking landscapes can be summed up in two words: goosebump moments.