You Got It

Craft-Music - Single



Ad Agency: JWT Executive Creative Direction: Martin Shewchuk Associate Creative Direction: Jed Churcher Copywriting: Jed Churcher Associate Creative Direction: Andy Brokenshire Art Direction: Andy Brokenshire Agency Producer: Raquel Rose Account Director: Neil MacLellan, Michelle Ching Production Company: Partners Film Director: Kathi Prosser Executive Producer: Aerin Barnes Line Producer: Amalie Bruun Director of Photography: Tico Poulakakis Editing Company: Panic and Bob Editor: David Baxter Music/Sound: Eggplant Music Director: Adam Damelin Music Producer: Adam Damelin, Nicola Treadgold

-This is an ad for The Hospital For Sick Children - affectionately known in Canada as "Sick Kids".-It features real patients, parents, doctors, nurses and support staff.-It leverages the emotional pull of music, making use of "You Got It", a classic Roy Orbison tune, re-purposed to make the powerful lyrics work in a completely different context.