Civic Content City

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Ad Agency: Dare Creative Direction: Bryan Collins, Rob Sweetman Art Direction: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett Copywriting: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett Producer: Amberlea Schaab Account Supervisor: Suzanne Carrier (Elvis Communications) Production Company: Hatch Studios Ltd. Director: Richard Rosenman Producer: Randi Yaffa Modeler: Kosta Lavrinuk Animation: Alex Avdyushin Lighting/Texture/Render: Florin Besleaga Final Composite: Richard Rosenman Development: Pixelcarve Inc

Winning Website: ourawardsubmission.ca/civictakeover

Users were urged to click on a big box that said “start your drive”. Once clicked, the page flipped down and a city grew from the page’s content. Headlines became buildings. Pictures became billboards. The Civic from the big box then drove out and zoomed through the streets. Once finished its circuit, a super, “Driving is fun again” appeared, and the page flipped back up and the Civic drove into its original big box.