Sarif Industries commercial

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Creative Agency: Goldtooth Creative Production Company: Goldtooth Creative Client: Eidos-Montreal, Square Enix Director: Kody Sabourin Director of Photography: Ben Loeb Editor: Paul Furminger Music: Dane Deviller, Tyler Weiss Producer: Kirsten Sharp, Tyler Weiss VFX Supervisor: Keegen Douglas Assistant Director: Paul Wilhelm Nesset Compositor: John Cairns, Ziad Shureih, Pablo Gonzalez, Ian Fenton Motions Graphics: Kyle Ritchfield Motion Graphics: Robyn Haddow 3D Artist: Mike Smith Kennard Animator/Rigging: Mike White, Nate Breton, Ryan Nickell, James Dykeman Sound Design: Brooke Graeff Sound Mix: Jo Rossi 1st AC: Masayo Takada Gaffer: Sebastian Andexter Grip: Alex Viau Actor: Mackenzie Porter, Adrian Petriw, Jordana Largy, Dino Antoniou, Peter Scott Fiddler

Winning Website: vimeo.com/22346006

What presents itself as an ad for cybernetic limbs is in fact an online commercial produced by Goldtooth Creative to promote the videogame Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In this 60-second online spot, Goldtooth combined original music and live action footage with CG and VFX to transform science fiction into “reality.” The slick spot fooled many savvy viewers into believing that the fictional Sarif Industries was indeed producing cybernetic limbs, and has subsequently gone viral.