Les enfants de la Bolduc

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Company: Lusio Films Author & Interactive Scenarist: Jean Christophe Yacono (Yako), Marie-Dominique Michaud, ÉMilie Grenier Producer: Jacques Blain, Marie-Dominique Michaud, Lusio Films Delegate Producer: Nicolas Fonseca Creative Direction: Yako Branding, Art Direction & Design: Akufen Content Architect: Thibault Landel Content Director: Nicolas Fonseca, ÉMilie Grenier Director: Yako Director of Photography: Yako, Brigitte Henry, Gabriel Brault-Tardif Sound & Music Director: David Drury Research: Marie-Anne Grenon Film Editing: Geoffrey Boulangé, Philippe Tremblay-Berberi Flash Animation: Akufen HTML for SEO: Akufen Integration: Akufen Programming: Akufen Typographer: Akufen Jig Machine Designers & Team: Daily Tous Les Jours, ÉMilie Grenier Mobile Production: 2Xm Interactive Press Relations: Annexe Communications, Groupe Milagro Social Media: Rock & Social Vlog Director: Philippe Tremblay-Berberi, Geoffrey Boulangé Interactive Communications Manager (TV5): Benoit Beaudoin Publisher-Entertainment (Sympatico.ca): Marie-Josée Lachance Artist: Chloé Sainte-Marie, Ariane Moffatt, Le Husky, Krista Muir & Les Abdigradationnistes, Radio Radio, We Are Wolves, Socalled, Random Recipe

Winning Website: lesenfantsdelabolduc.com

Ariane Moffatt, Socalled, We are Wolves, Chloé Ste-Marie, Krista Muir, Random Recipe, Le Husky and Radio Radio… through these contemporary artists « Les enfants de La Bolduc » revisits a Canadian icon's musical heritage. Different interactive and musical experiences explore her contemporary echoes, the semantic children of La Bolduc. Users can listen to and create music with the travelling Turlute Machine and it's virtual counterpart on the web.