Kyle Milsap: Freedom to Fly

Student Illustration - Single/Series


Savannah College of Art & Design

Student: Kyle Millsap School: Savannah College Of Art Design Instructor: Linda Warnaer

This piece was done as a part of series where I examined my fascination with flight and explored the symbols that had meaning to me. I'm inspired by the duality of something that has the power to fly yet is so fragile it could fall at any moment. Birds, kites, balloons, paper airplanes all appear in my work and have for a long time. In this particular piece the airplanes are on a mission, headed towards a single destination. The airplanes are small and made only of paper, but together as a group convey a sense of strength and purpose. Though there was no specific end use for the illustration I can easily imagine the paper airplanes reading in big letters, Call For Entries.""