Bomboy - Experiments in Colour with Drag Performer, Bom Bae

Shoe-String Budget Photography - Series


Kristy Boyce, Toronto, ON
w: kristyboycephotography.com

Art Director: Kristy Boyce Model: Bom Bae Photographer: Kristy Boyce Stylist: Silencia Eyewear Makeup Artist: Darryl De Sousa Production Artist: Nyree MacPherson

Budget: $25 for snacks. Sometimes you can buy all the right gear, and sometimes you make it yourself! For this collaboration we didn't have a digital optical snoot, so we built one ourselves for the first image in this submission. We used an old theatre projection lens from an army surplus store, some Plexiglas, a red gel, with a hand-cut paper for a gobo, resulting in a kind of camera obscura in the back of the lens. The glasses were designed & lovingly laser cut by Silencia Eyewear.