Boogie Boogie Wonderland

Unpublished/Personal Photography - Series


Virginie Gosselin, Montreal, QC
w: virginiegosselin.com

Art Director: Rachel Lecompte Photographer: Virginie Gosselin Set Design: Lisa Yang Food Stylist: Blake Mackay, Raphaelle Dubé Stylist: Indianna Bourrassa-Petit Makeup Artist: Claudine Jourdain Photo Assistant: Mylène Castilloux Set Design Assistant: Vladim Vilain Model: Stella Cat: Coco Digital Artist: Visual Box

Disco Fever Italian Style - This series is a nostalgic rendezvous, a creative shoot that seeks to revive the nostalgia of an Italian nonna for the splendid disco years—she remains effortlessly chic even today, despite the passage of time. It's a return to her festive, color-drenched past, sparkling with a thousand lights (and way too many cocktails) and tinged with a luminous nostalgia that captures the essence of Italy's charm.