The Silver Lining

Promotional Materials Printing


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Printing: Colour Innovations Design: James Bailey Design Studio: Raining Creative Client: Colour Innovations

A special insert was printed for client INK for Applied Arts magazine featuring the work of several prominent fashion photographers. The challenge presented to Colour Innovations by the insert's designer was to recommend what the printing process itself could do to enhance the 16-page booklet and give it maximum immediacy and impact. The suggested solution was the innovative and creative use of the full range of the metallic palette using the MFX silver and CIX gold and bronze processes. After its publication in Applied Arts, Colour Innovations converted the piece into a self-promotion by creating a gate-fold wrap for the insert that showed the actual usage of the silver, gold and bronze metallic base inks on each page and how they added depth, texture and richness to the standard four process colours. The resulting piece, printed on M-real Ikono Gloss, was not only very distinctive and eye-catching but also instructive and educational.