It's a Snap Crackle Party!

Unpublished/Personal Photography - Single


Pure Perception, Montreal, QC
t: 514-707-7960
e: annie@pureperception.ca
w: pureperception.ca

Photographer: Annie Bigras Assistant photographer: Mylène Castilloux Food Stylist: Cristina Camacho

I wanted a modern and sober decor in the still life look but festive and joyful just like me. The photo shoot was to add a different style to my portfolio. Before capturing the official Rice Krispies cake, our stylist deconstructed the second cake that we had, for testing shapes and lights. When I saw that, I knew we had to go further with this. It looked like a real piece of art. I wanted to capture the pleasure of eating Rice Krispies no matter their shape.