Oooooooout of Home

Pro Bono/PSA/Charity Photography - Series


Publicis, Toronto, ON

Chief Creative Officer: Joanna Monteiro Executive Creative Director: Vini Dalvi Head of Art: Victor Yves Creative Director: Tina Vahn, Tricia Piasecki Senior Art Director: Kade Liang Senior Copywriter: Heather Bryant Chief Strategy Officer: Andrea Isbester Strategy Director: Marcio Beauclair VP, Brand Director: Serene Gaspar Account Supervisor: Rachel Dickey, Rachel Dickey Photographer: Matt Barnes Studio: Westside Studio Media Partner: Publicis Media Print Producer: Cherie Rudy Singing Out:

The campaign's insight is that when people sing, they often experience a sense of euphoria that can be compared to an orgasm—often resembling the appearance of having one. To capture this pleasure, we collaborated with a celebrity photographer who took striking images of real Singing Out choir members actually singing.