Power Games

Still Life Photography - Series


Les Garçons, Montreal, QC
w: les-garcons.co

Photographer: Les Garçons Set Designer: Léa Valerie-Letourneau Prop Stylist: Léa Valerie-Letourneau Set Designer: Roxanne Chagnon Prop Stylist: Roxanne Chagnon Stylist: Marianne Blais Hair and makeup: Jess Cohen Drink Styling: Claud Fortin Producer: L'Éloi Lighting Assistant: Mitchell Wright

Board games sometimes bring out the worst in people. Monopoly's only fun until someone goes bankrupt and wants to borrow cash. We've all seen a Risk board flipped before the final dice are thrown. The moral of the story is don't play if you're not sure to win. Don't draw that card, don't ask that question, don't pick up the phone. Because no one likes a sore loser.