Reflections | Fork 2

Advertising Photography - Single


Courage, Toronto, ON
w: courageinc.com

Ad Agency: Courage Partner, Chief Creative Officer: Dhaval Bhatt, Joel Holtby Partner, President: Niki Sahni Partner, Chief Strategy Officer: Tom Kenny Associate Creative Director: Hemal Dhanjee Writer: Hemal Dhanjee Associate Creative Director: Steve Lerullo Art Director: Steve Lerullo Writer: Matt Miller Art Director: Tommy Yong Group Account Director: Alex Karayannides Senior Strategist: Lyndsey Westfall Account Coordinator: Chloe Chan Executive Producer: Clair Galea Producer: Aarin MacKay Client: KFC Chief Marketing Officer: Katherine Bond-Debicki Marketing Director: Azim Akhtar Production: Undivided Creative Photographer: Nikki Ormerod Executive Producer: Scott Houghton Producer: Christa Lindsay Food Stylist: Carol Dudar Asst. Food Stylist: Andy Bullis Wardrobe Stylist: Nadia Pizzimenti Make-up Artist: Ronnie Tremblay Prop Stylist: Stell Grob Digital Tech: Al Quintero Locations: Christian Wood Retoucher: Allan Davey Casting: Milo Casting Media Partner: Wavemaker

"It's Finger Lickin' Good" means utensils aren't needed. And we make no apologies for it in this humorous print campaign that shows KFC being enjoyed from the POV of sad, ignored utensils watching enviously from the sidelines. The print campaign features KFC Original Recipe fried chicken, tenders and sandwiches being enjoyed in the reflections of shiny spoons, forks and knives with the accompanying line, "Sorry, Utensils" – celebrating the joy of eating KFC with nothing but your fingers.