Sketch Harbour

Self-Promotion Photography - Series


Aaron McKenzie Fraser, Halifax, NS
t: 902-223-5666
e: aaron@amfraser.com
w: amfraser.com

Client: Aaron McKenzie Fraser Photographer: Aaron McKenzie Fraser Ad Agency: Shortstop Creative Director: Sam Archibald Project Director: Peter Woodward Digital Director: Jess Shortt

Winning Website: sketchharbour.com

Sketch Harbour, Nova Scotia, established in 1749.1 (1 day after Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia), is a foggy/spooky little coastal harbour community on the treacherous edge of the North Atlantic, 30 mins from North End Halifax, which might as well be the middle of nowhere. The collection is currently on display online and at the Sketch Harbour Department of Tourism & Social Club, housed within a 100+-year-old registered Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia fishing shack.