Smoke Show

Self-Promotion Photography - Series


Lindsey Drennan, Toronto, ON
t: 647-400-1080
e: info@lindseydrennan.com
w: lindseydrennan.com

Photographer: Lindsey Drennan Artist's Rep: Coup & Co. Makeup & Hair: Alanna Fennell Stylist: Rodney Smith Makeup & Hair, Stylist Rep: Plutino Group Model Agency: Spot 6 Management Inc. Model: Akoy Retouching: Blake Keen Studio: Album Studios

With 'Smoke Show,' my debut self-promotion piece fuses art, fashion, and design. The promo's uniqueness stems from collaboration—teaming up with powerhouse creatives, my agency's idea to do t-shirt prints, and my graphic designer's ability to infuse my ethos.