TRAP - Eating Disorders

Pro Bono/PSA/Charity Photography - Series


Le Quartier, Montreal, QC
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Ad Agency: Cossette Client: ANEB, Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec Photographer: Le Quartier Creative Director: Richard Rochette-Villeneuve Art Director: Nicolas Baillargeon Copywriter: Nadine El-Whidi Chief Creative Officer: Anne-Claude Chénier Account Manager: Vicky Langlois Production Artist: Derek Kennedy Stylist: Catherine Perron

Visuals for ANEB - eating disorder support. We often forget that eating disorders like anorexia, bigorexia, hyperphagia and bulimia are, first and foremost, mental health disorders. Normalized behaviours like dieting, overexercising or snacking can quietly and insidiously lead people down a dangerous path to serious illness. Unfortunately, by the time they are suffering from an eating disorder, the disease has isolated them, making it difficult for them to overcome it on their own.