Writing Lights a Way Out

Public Service/Charity Photography - Series


Les Enfants, Montreal, QC
t: 514-906-1902
e: info@les-enfants.tv
w: les-enfants.tv

Client: Amnesty International French Canada Ad Agency: Cossette Executive Creative Director: Anne-Claude Chénier, Richard Bélanger Creative Director: Geneviève Duquette Copywriter: Philippe Brassard, Chris Bélanger Art Director: Jessica Fecteau Agency Production: Marie-Andrée Lizotte Print and Digital Production: Colette Dumay, Eric Lefebvre Production House: Les Enfants Photographer: Olivier Staub Photography Producer: Stéphanie Beaudin Project Manager: Léonard Sarran Project Coordinator: Audrey Martin Art Direction: David Pelletier Makeup Artist: Joan-Patricia Parris Photo Editor: Visual Box

Each person featured in the Letter-Writing Marathon campaign represents a cause that Amnesty stands for: women's rights, freedom of expression, and ancestral land protection. The beam of light takes the form of a pencil, suggesting that written letters are often their only hope for liberation.