Keep Your Stuff

30 Seconds or Less - Series



Winner: Rethink Client: Carex mini-storage Creative Director: Nicolas Quintal, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Account Director: Alex Lefebvre Writer: Xavier Blais, Vanessa Harbec Art Director: Maxime Sauté, Mathieu Lacombe Producer: Géraldine Beaulieu Audio House: Apollo Studios Engineer: Vincent Dufour Ad Agency: Rethink

“Trends come and go” as the saying goes.

To demonstrate it, Carex Mini-storage, one of Montreal’s largest storage rental facilities, suggested you keep your stuff because certain items might and probably will come back into style. From vinyls to perfecto jackets, Carex leveraged radio spots and the iconic garage door open/close device to encourage Montrealers to keep their belongings. Because in the end, you never know.