Songs for Schizophrenia

PSA/Charity - Series



Winner: Rethink Client: British Columbia Schizophrenia Society Creative Director: Aaron Starkman, Dhaval Bhatt, Joel Holtby, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Writer: Jake Hulsebosch Art Director: Alexandra McGuirk-Penedo Strategist: Sean McDonald, Savannah Onofrey Ad Agency: Rethink Audio House: Vapor RMW Album Producer: Joey Serlin, Kat Stewart, Lindsay Bates Engineer: Art Mullin Audio House Creative Director: Ted Rosnick Participating Artist: The Watchmen, Wendy Lands, The Mindsight, Distruption, Mark Pelli, Cassandra Vasik, Miachael Pickett, Crack of Dawn, Nasty, Sarah Jickling

The BC Schizophrenia Society wanted to build a deeper understanding for those who cope with schizophrenia. We partnered with various musicians from different genres to create an immersive experience. Each audio track began as what a listener would traditionally expect, however, by adding in musical effects to alter the sound and overlaying intrusive voices, listener’s experienced what it’s like living with the mental condition firsthand.