The Ad That Aired Once

PSA/Charity - Single



Winner: Rethink Client: Fondation Emergence Creative Director: Nicolas Quintal, Ian Grais, Chris Staples Art Director: Maxime Sauté Writer: Xavier Blais Account Director: Alex Lefebvre Account Manager: Cendra Percy Strategist: Pascal Routhier PR: Charles Côté, Victor Brunton, ÉRic Santerre, Samantha Williams Production Company: Content Content Sound Designer: P.O. Rioux PR Agency: TöK Communications Ad Agency: Rethink

We harvested three awful homophobic comments from social media and had an announcer read them on the air, warning the listeners that the ad would only air once. Unreported comments that have been online for more than 4 years were read during a one-minute, one-time radio message. The announcer conceded that most listeners were probably offended right now, rightly so. He then asked why they wouldn’t act on social channels.