Cactus Flower Sauce Packaging

Packaging Design - Series


Alison Koo, Vancouver, BC
e: alisonkoo10@gmail.com
w: behance.net/kooalison

Program: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication
School: Capilano University IDEA School of Design

Instructor: Dominique Walker

As far as Southern cuisine goes, options are limited. You have your classic grilled ribs, casseroles, and chicken and waffles but the way we serve it, you'll be eating flowers and waffles. Cactus Flower brings the flower (as in plant-based) to the cactus (as in country). We take southern classics and bring our contemporary spin to share with all cowboys, country girls, and every country-radio-station-loving person in between. Expect the honky tonk and expect the yeehaw.