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Anika Niva, Alances Vargas, Alexa Forberg, Jackie Lando, Matthew Castronova, Rebecca Moran, Zach Har, Rochester, NY
t: 585-475-4552
Program: New Media Design
School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Instructors: Adam Smith, Carlos Castellanos

Winning Website:

Co- is an interactive exhibit that aims to empower visitors to collaborate, as well as enhance their sense of community impact through the collaborative creation of a dynamic scene. This exhibition was designed and created by Team Co, consisting of Alances Vargas, Alexa Forberg, Anika Niva, Jackie Lando, Matthew Castronova, Orion Jakobovic, Rebecca Moran, and Zach Harwood. It was produced as their senior capstone project to be shown and shared at Imagine R.I.T.