Crocodile Children Toothbrush Packaging

High School Design


Jeewoo Park, Jeju
Program: Orange Cube Art
School: North London Collegiate School Jeju

The packaging comes from the story between the crocodile and plover bird. The plover bird flies to the crocodile’s mouth to clean the teeth. By making children toothbrush packaging inspired by this relationship, the kid can be motivated to brush the teeth. The toothbrush box has an illustration of the dirty teeth when it's closed and when the box opens, the clean teeth illustration is showing. Children can imagine the toothbrush as the plover bird and the parents can educate the crocodile and plover bird story by imitating the gesture of brushing teeth when closing and opening the box. The packaging is made out of single material, paper. The box also has a hook to hang on the retail shelves efficiently.